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We have a 2 year old playset.. for which we paid $8000 in 2014. This year, I paid $175 for Rainbow's authorized installer to inspect for warranty issues and fix wiggly bolts. They spotted rotted wood and suggested we file claim. However, Rainbow is denying claim, saying it is normal wear. Rotted wood is not normal wear on 2 year old set. It is clearly rotted wood, clearly covered under warranty, and yet Rainbow is refusing to replace it. So... Read more

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Please don't waste any money on this no quality play set bought it 6 weeks ago it is already peeling and the wood is splitting in several different places called the Waukesha store where I purchased it all they do is tell you to send pictures , they don't honor the warranty and do not honor it at all .!!!! Shirley Fayne 4149169044 pictures to prove its no good Read more

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If service before the sale is any indication of service after the sale, then you should never buy here. We intended to stop by for quite some time and finally found a Friday after lunch. Sadly we arrived to a sign "we'll be back in 30 minutes." Of course there is no indication of when the countdown started, so we waited...an hour! No one ever showed. We called and left a message about our displeasure and there was no return call (they didn't... Read more

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Do not buy in Augusta, Ga. Will not honor warranty. Less than 3 months and no stain is left. They won't return calls and dealer on says to call some woman named Dawn who does not return calls. Worst customer service ever. Read more

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While the quality is good and comparable to other play systems in the same price range, save yourself the hassle and buy another brand. Filing a warranty claim is ridiculous and such a pain, everything has to be done through email, when you actually call customer service number and get someone the staff that answers the phone really has no clue and just request that you email them. The shipping charges are absolutely ridiculous for the... Read more

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If you are looking to purchase a swing set for your children. Do not buy Rainbow! They claim lifetime warranty yet charge a rediculous amount for shipment to replace the rotten wood. In addition a wind storm blew off a board for the tarp and they refused to replace the tarp board because I needed to provide a picture of the board, which is the missing board. Read more

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Our system fell apart within 5 years. It also attracted wasps horribly. When we called, they were not helpful. Eventually, it came down to, they will send the parts to a Rainbow dealer, and then I had to pay the Rainbow dealer to install, giving them further profit. We are tearing it down and sending to the trash. Very sad. We are not wealthy people and it was a big deal for us to spend this money. I feel that I was taken. And my children's... Read more

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Rainbow Play Systems - Review about Rainbow Play System from Clermont, Florida
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Don't ever waste your money on rainbow play system. We spent nearly $10,000 in 2012 not even four years later our system looks terrible and is literally rotting away. We polyurethanes it every 18 because yellow jackets were attracted to the wood and it was the only way to keep them at bay. The wood does not stay a pretty red as guaranteed. The bottom has completely fallen in due to wood rot. When we requested the company send us replacement... Read more

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I was given a Shine Castle II and need to reassemble it. It as some rot at the bottom. In fact, all the bottom pieces need to be replaced. So, I do not have a warranty and I am willing to pay for the rotted pieces, but for the life of me no one at the three local Rainbow dealerships will help me. I have offered to purchase the materials from both the corporate office and the locals shops, but it is as if they do not want to do business with... Read more

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They will charge you a premium for the play set, but when it comes to recognizing the "lifetime" warranty, they take advantage of any and all the disclaimers in the bottom part of the warranty to tell you NO. They will give you the run around and the local dealers can't help you. It is totally no worth it. You would be better off buying a nice cedar set for 1/2 the cost and replacing it 6-7 years later with another one. I would truly not... Read more

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