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Owner Darren Patrick is a real piece of work. He lies, defrauds and accuses while attempting to do "business." You should absolutely avoid him and his company, Rainbow Play Systems.

He lacks integrity from start to finish, and I personally know that he has attempted to defraud a single disabled mother of four children.


Mr. Patrick has engaged in a pattern of threatening and defaming behavior, and he and his company should be avoided.


Product or Service Mentioned: Rainbow Play Systems Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I am the aforementioned that allegedly has “attempted to defraud a single disabled mother of four.” Here is what happened:On May 7th I purchased a Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff) from Hanna Huckabee at Blue Diamond Bordeaux in Aurora, CO. On May 15th that puppy arrived at my place in Texas.

It became evident immediately upon arrival that the puppy suffered from what appeared to be a deformity in his front legs. I contacted Hanna Huckabee to share my concern and she 1st acted like she didn’t know what I was talking about, 2nd suggested it was normal and nothing to worry about, and 3rd (days later) suggested she told me in advance of the problem. That same evening I began researching possible causes and discovered there is a condition referred to as “weak pasterns” that can be hereditary, exacerbated by line breeding, lack of exercise, and/or living on hard surfaces. There is also a similar but more severe condition known as Carpal Subluxation.

Further research suggested that full recovering from this condition is unlikely, steroid shots and/or surgery may be necessary, and difficulty walking may remain.Furthermore, the puppy arrived without registration docs, health certificate, or vaccination records. Given these circumstances I didn’t feel comfortable accepting this puppy, so 5 hours after arrival I requested a full money refund from Blue Diamond Bordeaux. The transporter had indicated to me she was spending the night 15 minutes from my house before getting back on the road in the AM, so knowing this, that evening I told Hanna Huckabee to please have the transporter return with the puppy to Blue Diamond Bordeaux in CO. Hanna Huckabee suggested she was unable to reach the transporter until she was hours away the next day and she refused to pick up the puppy and offer a full money refund.In the days that followed I took the puppy to our vet who confirmed the puppy had weak pasterns and referred us to an orthopedic specialist for further information.

Hanna Huckabee suggested she had imported this puppy along with three others from Czech Republic and in my further research I discovered the USDA requires puppies to be at least 6 months old, and they require a health certificate, vaccination records, and an import permit at the time of import. The puppy was sold to me at 4 months old, had been imported weeks prior, and as mentioned previously arrived without any supporting docs. Following these further developments I continued to request a refund and Hanna Huckabee continued to refuse. Given her on going refusal I suggested I was going to share my experience with others and her reply to me was she would sue me if I posted anything online and she said, “how would you like somebody to go all over social media and slander your name and your business?”On May 28th I filed a complaint with the USDA and the Colorado Agricultural Commission given laws related to the importation of the puppy had been violated by Hanna and Blue Diamond Bordeaux.

I notified Hanna Huckabee by text that same day that the complaints had been filed, later that evening this anonymous post was published. Is it coincidental that after 24 years in business the first ever shameful attack on my character is shared online hours after I filed my complaints against Blue Diamond Bordeaux? I suspect not. I suspect UnselfishDuskyDolphin515 is Hanna Huckabee following through on her threat to slander me and my business.Disagreeing on the condition and/or quality of the puppy is fine.

Even disagreeing on the eligibility for refund is fine. I would suggest filing a complaint with the governing authority when laws are broken is also fine.

However, slandering my company that was in no way involved in the purchase of this puppy and attacking my personal character is something entirely different.If you are considering purchasing a dog from Hanna Huckabee or Blue Diamond Bordeaux I suggest you proceed with caution. If anybody would like to see pics of this puppy and the conditions of his legs I speak of and/or would like copies of the email and screen shots of the text messages confirming these affairs, feel free to contact me.

to DP #1541197

OK. This is NOT Hannah.

Patrick, who above writes "Hannah Huckabee" does not even get the last name right of the woman and business owner whom he has diligently lied about, slandered and defamed. I am Hannah's brother, and I wrote the above negative review relating to Mr. Patrick. First, Patrick claims his business was not involved.

But, it is my understanding that he used his business in the purchase of the puppy. Second, he claims the puppy had abnormal pasterns issues. But, it is my understanding that the puppy's pasterns have now largely normalized, and he has directly admitted as much to Hannah. Yet, he persists with his lies.

Third, he has made many false claims above and elsewhere on line besides these. For example, he cites a six-month age rule, but is apparently oblivious to the fact that such a rule does NOT pertain to the Czech Republic, revealing his willingness to do all that he has in ignorance. Fourth, he has continually accused Hannah of being behind the above UnselfishDuskyDolphin515 review when in fact that is the name this site assigned to me. Indeed, Hannah was never told by me that I'd even done the above review until she asked me directly after Mr.

Patrick complained to her. So, in accuser her of doing the review, he has only added to his slander and defamation. Fifth, Mr. Patrick is in fact guilty of all I above wrote and also has continued to blackball, slander, defame and otherwise harm my disabled sister and her excellent puppies and dogs.

Sixth, if Mr. Patrick does not correct things, I and others will work to fund an actual lawsuit against him for slander and defamation, and will see to it when he loses—and he would—that he is financially ruined, which is what he has attempted to do to my sister. I heard today, for example, that just this month alone, Hannah has lost three sales of puppies due to Mr. Patrick's false statements and efforts against her.

Those are not theoretical losses, but actual harm to her and her sales of her outstanding dogs. Mr. Patrick's slander and defamation also is not theoretical, but would be easily proven in court. Seventh, I have now attempted to call Mr.

Patrick multiple times to make these points to him directly, and have not been able to get anything other than his voicemail. Therefore, Mr. Patrick, I am sure you will read this, as will others. Here is how we can proceed: First, you can remove all your slanderous posts and seek to make things right with Hannah, in which case I would then mark this comment and the one above resolved, and we can "call it a day." Second, if you refuse that very gracious offer, Hannah can proceed with an actual libel and defamation suit against you for actual things you've done and win actual damages from you.

In case you are not familiar with how much that will cost you, allow me to point out that it is a very substantial sum for each and every count against you that you lose. In short, it would cost you quite a lot.

Make your choice and let Hannah Huckabay know what you'd like to do! Then things can proceed as stated, for better for everyone, yourself included, or for worse for you.


We’re sorry you had a bad experience. Rainbow Play Systems, Inc.

has been building childhood memories for over 30 years. We value our loyal customers and take any complaints or concerns that they may have with a RAINBOW product very seriously.

We encourage you to call us at 605-692-1500 or email us at customercare@rainbowplay.com to discuss your concern in detail. Thanks!

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