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Purchased lst play set from Olathe, Ks location, blew away in wind storm. Took insurance money put another 1K to get the same kind of set.

The day it was installed, a thunderstorm came in and the installers left without getting everything tight and level. Because the set was loose, bolts bent and the slide cracked along the side with splits in lumber. Lumber was much poorer quality than the 1st set. The dealer accused us of hitting the slide with something to make it break.

They replaced the slide and two pieces of lumber and the tire swing. This was a service call fee of $175. They left the replacement with bolts on the slide so loose, we could finger tighten - but Vana still argued with me that they were all tightened as they should be. She also said they did lots of favors for me.

Not sure what favors - everything cost us money. I personally think their life time warranty is a joke. I also take real offense to having my honesty and integrity questioned. We are now working on the set ourselves, trying to get the swing beam level, sand down splinters in the wood and tighten EVERY single bolt on the set.

Would I recommend doing business with Olathe Rainbow Play Systems? - Absolutely not - they now have over 16K of my money and I am frustrated with the lack of caring on their part.

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