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I already wrote a few paragraphs about why we spent about 33% more $$ to get a Rainbow playset that had only 80% of the utility of the one we had already engineered to have been build out of AQQ treated lumber. At the last minute, we heard the pitch about "safety" insect resistant and decided to pay the money and make concessions for the sake of "quality." 'BIG mistake. Here we are, years later, numerous beams with hole bored in them by all sorts of critters, being told to put poison cotton balls into them by Rainbow reps., and now finally it's unsafe to use.

Clearly my children's disappointment meant nothing to the manager at Alden Pools and Play because after several calls asking to speak with him, he refused....only sending e-mail replies repeating Rainbow's warranty policy, where the customer has to pay to ship parts to the STORE and then figure out how to get them back to their house after that (or pay again for installation). Hmmm...funny, I already INSTALLED IT once MYSELF. Why am a paying to do it again under warranty.

Clearly, I agree with the other comment. Alden Pools & Play (Alden, NY) and Rainbow Play Systems don't care about anything but the sale. I thought I was "investing" in quality. I would have been better to have purchased two (or more) $500 sets and thrown them away over time, been happier, and STILL been THOUSANDS ahead.

Don't be duped by talk of "quality" and "natural." They just want your money in their pocket. By the time you know you're ripped off, you have no recourse. Save yourself!

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We don't want you to go through the same problems we have experienced. RAINBOW CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE.

Read all these reviews before purchasing.

Their is a reason so many people are not happy! A waste of a lot of money!

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