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Purchased new swing set for $7,000.00 on 6-13-13

From the start there were safety issues with the set that were not completely resolved until after 9-24-13 as reported to Dealer Kid's World Play located in Hartville, OH many times beween 6-13-13 and 9-24-13 (broken bucket swing, 3 panels had broken trim and also nails and screws sticking out from the broken trim creating a safety hazard for kids.) So our grand kids got little to no use out of set until October 2013 when safety issues were finally taken care of.

After winter passed, beginning on 4-22-14 I called Kid's World about one item still not fixed a 4x4 post that still needed replaced and more importantly also told him about the new issues with the deck splintering, causing potential injury for grand-kids and the stain was washing away from most surfaces of the set (traffic and non-traffic areas)

(Please keep in mind by 4-22-14 our grand kids had been able to play on the set through some part of October 2013 which might have been a total of 3-4 hours over a few days. They visit us and do not live with us. Then winter hit us early in mid October 2013)

Then from 4-22-14 until 7-14-14 the grand kids have had limited play time due to the splintered deck. Maybe a few hours swinging and going a few times down the slide, and I have received no support from Dealer or Rainbow on product warranty

During that time from 4-22-14 to 7-14-14, I called to talk to Dealer and left messages a total of six times and spoke to Dealer only a few times, when I was able contact them when I called them back. Dealer still had no update on what would be done about problems.

Dealer had indicated that he had sent pictures to Rainbow about problem with deck boards splntering, (They said they took pics on two separate occasions of the stain and splintering problems) but Rainbow stated they never saw pics.

When I finally spoke to Kid's World a 3rd time on 7-14 (I stopped into their offices since no calls were returned for weeks) and Dealer indicated that I should have heard an update by then from Rainbow directly . On that very day, I did receive a call from Rainbow and they told me they would get with Dealer to see if they could review pics of problem as they had not seen any pics. Two weeks went by and no call or contact from Rainbow Customer Service. I called again on 7-29 and connected with Rainbow Customer Service. They told me splintering was due to normal wear and I needed to sand smooth and restain. They told me I needed to do this every 12-18 months. When we purchased the set, Dealer told me that set would need stained maybe once every 2-3 years on average and did not tell me boards would split and would need sanded down.

Rainbow Customer Service, Dealer Customer Service and product quality is not up to the $7,000.00 price tag for what they indicate us the best quality in the industry.

On 8-12-14 , I spoke to Dealer and they told me that they would review with Rainbow and ask if anything could be done to make things right.

As of 8-19-14 no call from Rainbow or Dealer (Kid's Play Systems of Hartville)

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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