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Rainbow systems playgrounds say they have a lifetime warranty on the wood for their swing sets. DO NOT Believe them!!! I have been trying since September to get three boards replaced. NO LUCK what so ever. Called the Local dealer in Suffolk VA, their reply "We do not do warranty items" and sent my information to Richmond VA (1-804-360-8822). Had to fill out an email (not a form) with Please complete the following:






Email Address

Purchase Date

Playset Model Year

Playset Model

Are you applying for a warranty claim or submitting a pre-paid parts order? Warranty Parts Order

Are you within our service area requesting labor and agree to terms above? Yes No

Are you ordering parts for pickup at our warehouse and will be arranging your own repair? Yes No

Reason for warranty request:

List affected parts, number affected, dimensions, location, etc:

No big deal but they already have 90 percent of this info on file. Once submitted I asked how much longer I would have to wait for an answer and got the dreaded Uhhhhhhhhh. Then the typical " I cant imagine more than 3-5 weeks". Seriously are you kidding me, you imagine?

If you are thinking about purchasing a Rainbow Systems Playground please send me an email and find out if they ever fixed the problem. I use to be a proud owner telling parents how pleased we were with the playground. We use to have a local store in Chesapeake that took care of everything and provided outstanding customer service. To bad they moved to Williamsburg VA and stopped carrying Rainbow system playgrounds (wonder why).

Called the Company directly at 1605-692-1500 got the run around and was told they have no information on me. They didnt take my info nor ask what was going on, just referred me back to Richmond VA.

Overall its a good playground but not worth the money if they do not honor the warranty. The company needs to rethink how it treats is customers and start honoring their warranty.

Be aware that your plastic that covers the swing chain will get very sticky and have to be thrown away, 50 percent of the bolts will rust , 50 percent will not. (bolts are not covered go figure) the plastic on the ladders will get a black mold like substance all over it.

Richmond office never submitted my claim. Go figure.

Anyone wanting but a rotting swing set or would like to know if they ever honored their warrant feel free to contact me at

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Why on earth would anyone believe any warranty on something made of wood? Especially when it is exposed to the elements?

Please think next time. The fact that it is made of wood would keep me from believing ANY lifetime warranty.


They made me jump through hoops for 2 months only to finally tell me my warranty wasn't covered, because the piece was totally split and rotted but hadn't broken in half yet and hurt my kids. After seeing all of the comments on the site, I wish i had researched this first before i bought from this company.


What's up with the poorly applied stain.... I've had the rainbow playsystem for about 4 years, after the first year I had it re-stained, doesn't the stain help treat the wood, I thought the "BIG" benefit was the wood they use.

I even bought the special stain at 40$bucks a pop.

Well I did nothing it looked great for about 6months then after the winter the wood looks even worse then before and stain DID NOT absorb to help the wood at all. What a crock of ****


Rainbow would not honor my warranty either. Very poor customer service from my dealer also.

There are better options for a playset. I wish I had read these boards before buying my kids swingset from rainbow.

Learn from my mistake.


Dude, it looks like YOU broke something.

How is that covered?

The other piece looks like it is on the grass. What do you expect to happen to wood when you hit it with a lawn mower.

What kind of warranty covers user neglect

Mineral Wells, West Virginia, United States #233918

I agreee that my local dealer is a very poorly managed store however they did pass me on to Richmond office that where they handle all the warranties. Now I am fighting with them.

Its now January and I recieved a call on saturday saying my parts are in Suffolk ( local store). I had to pay a huge shipping fee. Great parts are free but shipping is outrageous. I call the local store, their answering machine says they are open, however no answer.

Called Richomond back and they said the store is known for not being open on Saturday. 4 Months and still waiting on getting parts. I can not stress enough.

Customer Service is the worst part of the whole situation. Anyone want to buy a swingset.


I know how you must feel, but I also know from working there that the blame is largely on the dealer, not the company. They let warranty requests build up sometimes for months trying to limit their shipping costs.

The warranty department makes the parts within a week of the company getting the request, it's just that the requests are already weeks or months old when they get them.

On top of that, dealers don't tell the company who their customers are, so only the dealers have customer information. Sad but true.

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