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I paid a lot of money for this system and repeatedly tried to get them to honor the wood warranty. I sent picture after picture and they would lie, lie, lie, saying it was being sent; it was being investigated, etc.

They break you down and you finally give up after they block your calls and you can't reach them. Now the $6000 playset lies in pieces in my backyard and I can not even sell the slide -- SAVE YOURSELF A LOT OF TIME AND MONEY, DO NOT BUY RAINBOW PLAYSETS SWINGSETS OR WHATEVER THEY CALL THAT PILE OF RUBBLE!

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Please remember all the Rainbow Play Systems Stores are independently owned and operated. Please don't base your opinion of Rainbow Play Systems on a couple stores that my be doing a poor job on customer service.

Also Rainbow has been manufacturing American made swing sets for over 28 years, many of which came with a lifetime warranty to the original owner. Unfortunately, some people who are not the original owners of Rainbow Swing Sets try to receive warrantied parts. As a result, we must be diligent when processing all warranty claims. Lastly, anyone can post on these sites and its a breeding ground for lesser competitors to try and knock Rainbow down by fabricating reviews.

See the reviews on this site about itself, not very creditable.

If you have a concern that is not being handled at your local store contact Rainbow Headquarters. (605)692-1500, Thank you!

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