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We purchased a Rainbow swingset system for our condominiums common area. The kids have enjoyed it.

Constant repairs though for broken swing sets. It's now lifting out of the ground. We called Rainbow, who does not return calls. You have to constantly call back over and over.

Finally someone returned the call as we needed the system serviced. You have to pay up front before they will come and give you an estimate. You read right, PAY UP FRONT! Then after many weeks they send you a written report and apply the fee you paid towards the repairs.

The repairs would cost almost as much as a new system. And when they come to inspect the system you are not allowed to meet with them. They don't come when scheduled as I was home the entire time they were suppose to be here. So again, time after time of leaving messages asking for a rep to come out and advise of adding more to the exsisting play structure.

They declined.

My advise.... GO ELSEWHERE!

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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The Rainbow system is located in Fife Washington. Return calls take forever and you have to constantly keep calling back.

You would think that since we wanted to re-do and add on they would jump at the business. We have decided to go with another company and will donate the present play equipment.


ya know its probably because of the specific location your in. I know for a fact that my employees are willing to do anything to keep our customers happy, especially in todays economy. so please, next time you post put the location your talking about and maybe they'll get the hint.thank you :)

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