We bought a Rainbow System this summer and shortly after it was installed we had a warranty request. We submitted a warranty claim with a photo accordingly to their very cumbersome process and it has been almost 3 months - for 1 board. I still have no idea when we are going to get it.

The "customer service" person was rude, evasive and completely unhelpful. Not only that, he called and yelled at and threatened our sales person (who was actually helpful). I elevated the issue and thought I had an answer only to end up with not only no solution but also no communication. I tried to further elevate this simple request to the president only to find out that the non-communicating person was also the president.

This is a monkey bucket shop. I am surprised they are still in business.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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we all have the same complaints and the same issues with rainbow play systems. how can this company remain in business? this was the worst buying decision i have made in 20 years.


rainbow is a RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!! mine has multiple problems and like you say the warranty is USELESS!!!!

should have read this board before i bought.

i too called brookings south dakota "headquarters" after receiving no help from the store i made the purchase and got some run around about not maintaining my swing set properly? didn't know there was some "special" way to take care of it--NEVER TOLD WHEN I PURCHASED IN MAWAH, NJ.


Rainbow Playsystems does not use Nails Amy. Also I bet the piece you complained about was not even covered...

Most of the people out there do not realize how many complaints are received due to parts that are not covered under the manufacturers warranty.

The percentage of parts replaced that are actually covered is around 25%.

If people read the warranty and listened to it there would be MORE time to take care of customers with real issues!!! Buy a vinyl set any way, then this would have never been an issue for you.

they Are great!!!


I work for a competitor and our main warehouse is in Virginia. We have 2 trucks a week delivered.

When there is a warranty claim as far as it goes in my store, I make sure that customer service is notified properly and the customer is updated through out the process. We put the order in as soon as the damage and proof of purchase is verified.

The replacement piece can be expected with in 2 weeks of verification. We pride ourselves on customer service and the safety of our sets, atleast thats how I do things in my store.


Again u have to realize that 1 board cant just be replast that easy they don`t have it at there warehouse the company were you got it has 2 order it from south dakota and then wait for it to come in on their next truck load witch take 4 6 weeks to reseve then try and get u inbeteen other installs and other customers that are waiting. It`s not easy 2 get all people taken care of and most of u think it needs done asap but thats imposable call south dakota and complain not ur dealer.


And if you know the presidents name it would be helpful as well. I will need it when I mail my certified letters.


I have approached them in several different ways. All with no action!

My set is falling apart and has had several boards to fall off with the nails exposed. It has rotted in places I didn't even think were possible. It is actually dangerous for my children to play on.

It is right in the middle of my back yard and none of my children can go near it. Any ideas on what the right way would be -- other than my attorney?


all companies are the same the warranties with other playsets are the same. RAINBOW IS THE BEST YOU MUST HAVE APPROACHED THEM WRONG I HAVE HAD NO PROBLEMS WITH THEM TRY AGAIN.

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