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They do not care after the sale..Stay Clear Away From Rainbow Playsets....

We spent $3,700 on our Rainbow Castle in 2003 at their Lake in the Hills, IL. Location

We stain our set every year, go over all nuts, bolts, screws. We bring in the tarp, tire & all swings in the garage every winter.

Now in May 2008 we noticed some rotted wood, a couple of screws not tightening. WE called Rainbow's local main office in Vernon Hills IL, they said this is normal wear & tear. After my wife persistently pushed, Rainbow told us to take pictures and send them in. How do you take a picture of a screw not tightening I asked. I was clear no one was coming out to look at this. After seeing the pictures we were told once again normal wear & tear.

Now in April 2010 we have a lot of rotted wood. Nuts, bolts, screws will no longer tighten as a result of the rotted wood. Over the phone a Rainbow Rep told me the wood was not rotted. As a licensed General Contractor and a custom home builder, I asked her, how over the phone you can tell me that the wood is not rotted? Next, she tried to tell me this is normal wear and tear. (The Best Part) She finally offered to send a Rep out, But first wanted me to pay up front for a trip charge.

We are calling a Lawyer.................

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Rainbow system replaced almost our entire king kong playlet due to rotted wood. They have been great

Lowell, Arkansas, United States #658113

We bought our Sunshine Club House II ;used off of eBay

for $475; it was 7 years old; but in really good shape; the people kept it up by staining yearly & maintaining it. There was no way we could afford what people pay full price for them.


Rainbow says they'll send replacement parts but the shipping is triple what it would cost me to go to Home Depot and buy the boards myself! My entire set has been eaten up by what I suspect are termites.

I live in Houston where it's humid and thought this rainbow system would last a lifetime like they advertise. If I could do it over, I'd buy the Costco version....they really do stand behind everything they sell FOREVER!


We had footprints on the swing beam from the installation date. When I called RU was like call someone who cares.

When our little girl was born I could not wait for her to get old enough for our castle, but I think we were better off with the Little Tikes toys. Toys R Us was much friendlier.

I would NOT spend the $5500 with that company again!!! :x :p


Our 2006 Rainbow Clubhouse II has a cracked slide due to this harsh winter. It is under warranty but we were told that it is $75 fee to cover the shipping charge for the manufacturer to send to the store for us to bring in our old one and exchange for the new one.

Don't remember any small print saying we have to pay for shipping of the warrantied parts to the store and then have to pick up ourselves. It is a 10' long green slide. Not sure we will replace it since the kids are getting bigger. Right now we have 2 boards covering the opening so neighbor kids won't fall from the fort area.

I would not recommend Rainbow Playsets ... way too expensive now days.


We purchased our Rainbow set a few years ago from the Omaha, NE store. We absolutely love it!

I recently noticed some boards that needed to be replaced. From reading all the horror stories on here about the warranty process, I was very hesitant to even call. I sure am glad I did. I was pleasantly surprised.

All I had to do was take a few pictures and e-mail them in. Within a couple of weeks they were out replacing the boards and our play set is like new again!

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend buying a Rainbow!The staff here in Omaha are amazing and strive to meet their customers needs in a professional and timely manner. Also remember everything needs maintenance and upkeep, and they tell you that right off the bat!


Our Rainbow System is great! For those of you that are mad about screws stripping out screws or some parts are fading...

get a life.

There are some things that take a little common sense. We started with a play set from Walmart, we threw it in the garbage afer a year.


3 months after we purchased a $4000 playset the stain is faded and cracks are all over the place. The store we bought it from told us they will send us replacement parts or stain but we would have to pay for the labor or do it ourselves. I should have gone to Wal-Mart.

to Buy American? Barrington, Illinois, United States #621041

Because Wal-Mart comes with a warranty?? :grin


Good thing I'm reading all these comments now, I was just days away from buying a playset from rainbow play sets. That plus, the customer service rep was so lazy, said it was to hot to go outside with us.

She remained inside the office never came outside to see if we had any questions.

I'm buying from somewhere else.. Richie south Texas


I was going to buy a used Rainbow playset off Craigslist but the people who own it now were going to have parts/wood replaced first. After only owning it for 3 years and paying more than $6000.00 when he told the Rainbow company that he was trying to fix it for the new buyers Rainbow told him they would have to chagre for the work(free if he was keeping it or If we were going to have them move it for $900).

"Mike" I here what your saying about a Contractor not coming back after 7 years and fixing something for free but the BEST people/Companies DO stand behind thier work and products FREE OF CHARGE.

Costco,Nordstrom's,Walmart all stand behind what they sell and they don't even make the stuff??????It's not about reading the warranty; its about a company standing behind thier products and RAINBOW HAS SURE HAS MISSED THE BOAT THERE. Thanks to those of you who took the time to express your feeling about Rainbow.I'm going to buy from someone else:)


What's this now Mike/Michael....4 out of 9 complaints on this web site you have come to defend the company or seemed to know how to solve every defect? Can you say Rainbow employee?


Has any one noticed that this mike/michael has gone to almost all the complaints on this web site and tried to say how good the product is? Or has a solution for every problem? Sounds like he works for Rainbow to me, who else would speak so highly and have an answer for everthing.


I'd just be glad someone will come out. Geez, pay them to inspect it, it's too much of an investment to overlook. Hope it works out for you.


We own a Rainbow and we have had nothing but a great experience with the product and the service. Don't know why you act so surprised to learn a company charges for their service.

I seriously doubt any contractor or retailer would come to my house to service something I bought from them 7 years ago without a charge!?!

I read my warranty... Rainbow's come with a manufacturer's parts warranty which they service by photo, not a labor warranty.

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